Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Today's Inspiration

I happened to be in a thrift store near my house yesterday and I found a few pieces that inspired me so much that I had to bring them home to play with. An olive drab wool jacket that someone had wash and run through the dryer (making it wool felt) , a green leopard print silk shirt, a microfiber knit print shirt that was as soft as silk. I already have sketches of bags that, combined with leather, would be perfect for all of them. The prices made me very happy.

In my stash I found some woven leather placemats and two woven leather rugs that sparked my interest but they both need to be cleaned. I've heard vinegar and water will do a reasonable job but I think these need more help than that so they are on hold for now.

Several remnants are speaking to me from my remnant shelves. Three matching purple pieces, a couple of chocolate brown, a Japanese print, a black/red brocade, a very bright tulip print and a skirt made from brightly colored boucle (the stuff those Chanel jackets are made of). And yet, designs to go with them are not coming to me.

I have so many projects already in progress that it's not important right now but it's good to know I won't run out of things to work on.

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