Sunday, July 26, 2009

My inspiration board

I have recently started to take a sketchbook with me wherever I go so I can capture some of the images that are constantly flowing through my mind. Maybe it's my imagination but it seems to me that the more I put on paper, the more I create. Maybe it's just that I am able to move forward to new things and stop drowning in details on the older stuff. Whichever it is, I have more designs than ever and more excitement about them than usual. I have the sketches, fabric swatches, buttons, hooks and other things that I already have on-hand for projects posted on a cork bulletin board next to my computer. It serves as an inspiration board and reminder of what I have collected and what I need to look for. It has made my studio a lot brighter and more cheerful.

On the home front:
Phoenix has been healthy (except for the usual, chronic pain) now for several days. She had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic and broke out in a "chickenpox-like" rash all over. It wasn't a pretty thing. Now her eyes are bright and mischievous again. I even managed to get her to go out two nights in a row to three different events. My 30th high school reunion was this weekend and and a welcome home party for a friend who had had surgery overseas. We had a well-deserved weekend of fun. Life should settle down a bit now that the parties are in the past. The dogs and kitties are glad to spend time with us whenever they can and we are glad to be home.

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