Sunday, July 24, 2016

Do You Believe in Fairies?

Well, I I didn't want to. For years I resisted. I thought the stories were just made up to frighten children. I suppose I should back up a bit. Quite a few years ago, I worked in corporate America. At some point my fellow employees decided that I collected fairy figurines.

I didn't but I didn't tell them differently. After a few months and several really nice gifts, I felt a shift in my perception. It was as if the fairies needed me to believe. A relationship developed that continues. They send me very accurate messages, daily, through oracle cards. (Whenever the card "Peace of Mind" comes up in a reading, I brace myself for trouble!) I enjoy their energy and give them gifts in return. Doreen Virtue calls them nature angels. Their energy is very happy, uncomplicated and nature-based so I feel that as accurate. Until a few weeks ago I didn't believe in angels. Stay tuned to my next post for that story.

Doreen Virtue as several fairy related decks that are really nice. See her website for more info.
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Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Of course you've seen posts like "100 Uses for Denim Jeans" or "Upcycled T-shirts That You Can't Live Without!" and other ways to reuse much-loved memorabilia from your past. Great way to save money and keep memories alive. Not to mention a fun way to stretch your crafty muscles. Even more, consider them as energy. 

Here's how I understand energy. Everything is made of energy. Actually, on a very basic level what holds the particles that make up our world (and ourselves) together, is energy. There is no escaping it but it isn't a bad thing. All energy has a vibration. The higher the vibration the better. 

Love and joy are very high vibrational energy. (Isn't that what the Law of Attraction is all about?) If an object like a concert t-shirt, gives you real joy when you look at it then consider repurposing it into a pillow or framed wall art so you can see it every day. Imagine how that will raise your energy vibration! Even if the Law of Attraction isn't your thing, more joy would feel really good.

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