Monday, September 28, 2009

A Nice Time

I attended a lovely luncheon with members of my father's side of the family today. Why is it question of the day: When we were younger we talked about our kids, now it's about our pets. Why is that? It was a good time. Cousin Becky (and husband Bill who I met for the first time) from California, Cousin Linda (and Terry), cousin Jane (and Dave), Aunt Veedie (and Michael), Aunt Florence, cousin Larry (and Pat), my mom, cousin Ross and myself were there. There is something different about being from such a large family - having not met someone doesn't seem odd. All of them remember having eaten wild mushrooms as a kid and some still hunt them now. I took a small bag of Cauliflower mushrooms to Larry and Pat and they were excited. We talked about the places we used to hunt that no longer exist, those we go to now and where we'd like to go.

I'm sure it seems like a crazy hobby to those who don't like mushrooms, but they make those of us who enjoy them, very happy. Yesterday, Lance and I went on a 3 hour hike and each took home a large bag full. I found 5 different kinds (2 very different kinds of cauliflower, fall oyster, pestle-shaped puffballs, chestnut Boletes) cleaned and ready to cook or freeze. Lance also found cauliflower and buttons which I don't care for. I also picked up a bag of hickory nuts (I like these better than pecans). We laughed about the two deadly varieties we saw and were amazed by some strange-looking types we've never seen before. I will still go hunting this fall but I have enough in the freezer already to feed me for the winter. I will probably share what I get from now on.

It has been several days since I was able to get any sewing done so it's time to get back to work. The week ahead is bound to be very busy with the Arts & Crafts class on Thursday, the local GLBT Pride event on Saturday and the Niles, Michigan Apple Festival on Sunday.

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