Thursday, September 3, 2015

Return to Making Art

New look, new outlook.

The gods seem to want me to return to my work in the arts. I'm ready! I have been looking deep into my heart to see what I really love... and it's dark in there. I mean things dark and macabre. You will start to see more of those things in my work from now on. Nothing has changed except that I am letting a part of me that has been hidden come out to play. I still prefer to live in the Light but Balance is required. The "Pain Series" of art quilts has been knocking on the back of my mind begging to be let out for over 2 years. It seems time to open that door. Paint, dye, thread-painting and wool are really exciting me lately so some of these may be creeping into my work in the near future. (Does it sound like some kind of multi-media art quilting may be in store?)

Halloween is just around the corner so much more of the dark and macabre will be in the media and with waging war on metaphysical shops, the time is right. If any of you, my dear readers, are creating art along these lines, please contact me. A co-op and online store is in the works for artists of our "style" with fantasy, macabre, magical and metaphysical works included. We have our first investor already!! Any help with website building would be appreciated.

Recently a dear friend requested that I make some pillows from clothing worn by a loved one who had passed on. Everyone was really touched and I felt honored to be able to help. Memorial pieces fit perfectly into my path working with those who are nearing the end of their days and with Spirit. If you have clothing or bedding that you associate with a departed loved one that you would like made into a special piece please send me an email or visit my Facebook page. Photo courtesy of  Kitty Cooney Hoye. 

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